Sweets & More

buddhaberryTraditional FROYO enthusiasts as well as Sweet Tooth Junkies won’t be disappointed> BuddhaBerry offers the largest selection of every kind of cookie, candy, gummy, chocolate and crunchie you have ever seen.

Just to name a few!
Chopped Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
Chopped Heath Bar
Jumbo candy covered chocolate covered pretzels
dark chocolate raspberry truffles
seasalt caramel milk chocolate truffles
crushed chocolate covered pretzels with soft caramel bits
chocolate covered potato chips
assorted cookie doughs
kitkat, snickers, twix and butterfinger
greek yogurt chips
belgian white and dark chocolate block – hand chopped
caramel turtles
swedish fish
skittles, GUMMY EVERYTHING!! (25 gummies)
red licorice, black licorice and salty licorice
rock candy

YOU NAME IT…BUDDHABERRY HAS IT and….if you don’t see it, just ask. we have way more candy than we have room for on the main floor. We are always happy to retrieve whatever your heart desires from out enormous climate-controlled candy stock room.