Gluten does not pose major health problems for most people (unless they suffer from Celiac disease – a condition that actually turns gluten toxic in the body). However, more and more people are realizing that eliminating or minimizing gluten from their diet, results in tremendous improvements
in their overall health, weight goal and general well- being.

The incredible tastes, textures and quality of today’s gluten-free foods make incorporating a gluten-free diet into your daily eating routine easy and delicious – and BuddhaBerry can help!

The majority of our frozen yogurts and sorbets are always gluten free with just 2 daily exceptions – Caramel Seasalt Pretzel (with real pretzels) and Triple Cookie Smash. You can be confident that there is no gluten in any of our other flavors.

You can always find dozens of delicious gluten-free toppings and snacks at BuddhaBerry. We make Gluten-Free Crepes and Waffles too (made with rice flour).
Our buckwheat waffles are also naturally gluten-free.

Some of our favorite Gluten-Free toppings and snacks:

toasted organic red quinoa
fudgey quinoa
raw walnuts, almonds, hazlenuts & cashews
cashew and almond clusters
puffed organic basmati rice
pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed brittle
organic, raw unsweetened coconut
chia flax puffs
baked corn nuts
BuddhaBerry’s GF Chocolate muffins
BuddhaBerry’s GF Chocolate Chip Cookies (made with rice and bean flour)
BuddhaBerry’s GF Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (made with gluten free oats) flax seed
organic chia seeds
organic flax seed
organic hemp hearts
assorted organic gluten-free cereals
raw cacao nibs and assorted dark chocolate (70-80% cacao and also dairy free)
Organic Rice rolls with a touch of agave syrup

Please visit us at one of our shops to experience our many GF offerings
buddhaberry gluten free