Custom Blended Frozen Yogurt and non-dairy sorbet

buddhaberry custom blended yogurtBefore selecting BuddhaBerry’s namesake yogurts,  founder Nancy Passaretti travelled the country, visiting  dairy farms and yogurt manufacturing plants to ensure her shops serve the finest yogurt products available today.

BuddhaBerry yogurts have 5 cultures, including 3 LIVE probiotic strains specially selected to provide digestive benefits and assist in strengthening the body’s immune system.  These 5 highly concentrated natural yogurt cultures fulfill the certification of “LIVE & ACTIVE” both at the time of manufacturing as well as during consumption.  That means that you can be sure that BuddhaBerry yogurt is not only creamy and delicious but really good for your immune and digestive system as well.  BuddhaBerry Yogurts carry no growth hormones.

BuddhaBerry offers 12 daily self/soft serve original flavors of non-fat yogurts, organic, fat & dairy free sorbets, italian ice and reduced fat gelatos.   Our yogurts and sorbets are flavored with real BULKY ingredients (never liquid flavor boosters) sourced from around the world.  Quality ingredients like real fruit purees, indulgent Swiss cocoas and Tahitian vanillas, real Italian coffee beans and other exotic flavoring ingredients are carefully blended into each batch.

One try and you will taste the difference!