About Buddhaberry


When BuddhaBerry founder, Nancy Passaretti began to consider how she was going to improve her family’s diet and nutrition, it was hard to ignore their addiction to frozen yogurt. 

A yogi and disciple of a gluten free, organic and superfoods- based lifestyle,  Nancy was eager for her family to embrace a more healthy lifestyle as well .  Despite her earnest attempts, her husband and kids wanted no part of it.

Determined, Nancy decided to try and use their daily visits to the local frozen yogurt shop as a motivational tool.  She stocked her cupboards with the most kid and adult taste-bud friendly SUPERFOODS available today and filled the fridge with all sorts of organic berries.

Then she changed the rules; whiile their daily cups of FROYO could continue, what they put on top needed to change.  The kids could fill their cups with whatever yogurt they desired at the store, but the sugary, nutritionally-void store toppings would be skipped.  Now they would bring their cups home and choose from dozens of  nutrient and antioxidant packed SUPERFOOD toppings and fresh organic berries.

The response was not initially enthusiastic.

There was a lot of experimenting, complaining and compromise, but after several tries, something amazing happened.  Nancy’s family was happily enjoying their daily frozen yogurt as they always did -  but their cups were now being topped  with hydrating chia seeds, nutty hemp hearts, fiber-filled ground flax seed and protein-packed roasted red quinoa. Instead of the usual  processed milk chocolate  and sugary candies, the kids were now choosing  raw cacao nibs mixed with dark (70% real cocoa) chocolate covered coconut ,  cocoa dusted acai berries and freshly chopped raw nuts.   Goji berries, organic dried mango and calmyra figs quickly became favorites as did the fresh, perfect organic berries.   The family also started making organic Buckwheat Belgian Waffles as part of their new FROYO ritual.

The results were not only satisfying for Nancy, but life-changing for everyone.  It was a remarkable transformation.  Everyone started to look and feel better and energy levels soared thanks to the nutrient packed Superfoods they were now consuming daily.

Realizing she wasn’t the only parent wishing to improve their family’s diet and nutrition, Nancy decided it was time to open BuddhaBerry and share her family’s healthy achievements with others.


We know healthy eating isn’t for everyone and some people just don’t want to mix healthy foods with their favorite frozen yogurt. Traditional froyo and ice-cream enthusiasts won’t be disappointed!  At BuddhaBerry, you will also find over 100 candies, crunchies, cereals, gummies  and just about any sweet treat you can imagine topping your frozen cup with


BuddhaBerry also offers a daily flavor of soft/self-serve ITALIAN GELATO in addition to our array of frozen yogurts and sorbets.

There is something for everyone at BuddhaBerry Frozen Yogurt Cafes!